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Swooder is made from walnut and maple. The minimalist and utilitarian design produces little waste and is practical in its look and function. Swooder is a passive speaker, so no electricity is needed to enjoy your music. It is perfect for outdoor enjoyment – around a campfire with friends, a romantic picnic for two, playing at the park with your children, on a sunny beach by the water, or while working in the garden. Swooder is also great for indoor use – in the kitchen while cooking, in the bathroom while soaking in a hot tub, in the walk-in closet while getting ready for work, in the bedroom while reading a book in bed, or in the sunroom while doing yoga. You can relax and enjoy your favorite music anywhere you are. In the future, limited editions in different types of wood will also be available. Because Swooder is made of natural wood, each speaker has its own personality. The color and wood grain will be slightly different with each speaker making each one a one of a kind piece.


What does “Swooder” mean?

Simple and easy to remember, Swooder is a combination of the words “speaker” and “wood”. (The product has a different name in the United States.) The licensed Japanese craftsmanship ensures a beautifully made quality speaker. Our company is the gross domestic distributor in Japan.


Swooder TOWADA

Inspired from the image of beautiful ripples on the mirror-like surface of Lake Towada in Aomori-ken, TOWADA is an original Japanese product.

The high level of craftsmanship and technique used to create TOWADA would not be possible without the expert skill of the Japanese woodworker. When you look carefully at the speaker, you will notice that the depth and height of each hand carved ripple is slightly different, becoming smaller as the ripples make their way from the center of the speaker’s cavity and gently fade away.

Each speaker is made of natural wood and brings out the distinctive characteristics of each block of wood used in the production of each speaker. The color and wood grain will be slightly different with each speaker making each one a one of a kind piece with its own distinct personality.



The delicate hand of the lacquer ware maker applies gold leaf to the speaker’s cavity creating the original Japanese product, SEIGETSU.

The name for SEIGETSU, (青月) “blue moon” in Japanese, comes from the popular romantic song, “Blue Moon”:

And then there suddenly appeared before me
The only one my arms will ever hold
I heard somebody whisper, “Please adore me”
And I looked the moon had turned to gold

Ordinarily, there are many steps taken in the process of applying gold leaf to a lacquer ware product. But with SEIGETSU, no lacquer is applied to the speaker. The lacquer ware maker uses his delicate hand and exquisite craftsmanship to apply the gold leaf in the small cavity of the speaker, a task that is difficult and time consuming for even a veteran to accomplish.


Swooder JUSO

Swarovski stones are applied to the front surface of the speaker creating the original Japanese product, JUSO.

In cold and severe winters, the trees high in the mountain forests are covered in a beautiful sparkling frost.



Lake Towada, surrounded by fresh green forests. The water, disturbed by a solitary pebble from the lake’s edge, blurs the mirror-like reflection of the blue sky overhead as the soft, undulating ripples stretch out across the surface of the water. This is the image that inspired Swooder TOWADA.

With this image in mind, I went and visited the woodworking company that produces the Swooder speakers. I talked with the president about trying to recreate the gentle ripples on the front surface of a Basic Speaker. After quietly thinking about it for a few minutes, he said they could do it. Because of the unique and delicate process of creating TOWADA, I think he was a little lost in thought, contemplating if they could realize my image and design.

The ripples created on TOWADA rely not only on simple machine work, but also utilize the expert hand craftsmanship and sense of the Japanese woodworker. Each speaker goes through a time consuming process to produce the beautiful and unique ripples.

After initial cuts and carvings are made by machine, the woodworker uses his tools of the trade – chisels, planers, sanders – to create the ripples on each speaker. As you can see in the image above, the woodworker is in the process of defining the ripples a bit more with a chisel. After this, the real work begins with the sanding process. His expert skills and understanding of the wood are reflected in each ripple by delicately sanding down the wood, varying the height and depth, creating the realistic effect of a ripple emanating out from the center of the cavity on the front of the speaker. A sense of movement is created that brings the speaker to life and makes each one slightly different – a one of a kind piece of art.

I think if I had gone to a different company or other carpenters, they would have said no to the difficult task, saying it wouldn’t be possible, it wouldn’t be profitable, and it would take too much time to produce. But thanks to the young and energetic president undertaking this difficult and time-consuming process, Swooder TOWADA is possible.

The Japanese company that manufactures the speakers is known throughout Japan. They are responsible for creating and manufacturing the in-store wooden shelf displays for a popular clothing chain. They are known for their quality of work along with a high level of technical skills. People from all over the country go to this company and ask for the impossible to be made possible.

The carpenters and woodworkers like this help artists and designers to realize the images they have in their minds. Without the support, craftsmanship, and willingness to accept a challenge, the image in my mind would not have come to fruition. I would like to express my deepest thanks and gratitude to the expert woodworkers for making Swooder and TOWADA possible.
JUSO, (樹霜) “a frost covered tree” in Japanese, uses brilliant Swarovski stones to reflect the beauty of this natural winter phenomenon with the Swooder speaker.JUSO, (樹霜) “a frost covered tree” in Japanese, uses brilliant Swarovski stones to reflect the beauty of this natural winter phenomenon with the Swooder speaker.

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