Swooder is made from walnut and two types of maple. The minimalist and utilitarian design produces little waste and is practical in its look and function. Swooder is a passive speaker, so no electricity is needed to enjoy your music. It is perfect for outdoor enjoyment – around a campfire with friends, a romantic picnic for two, playing at the park with your children, on a sunny beach by the water, or while working in the garden. Swooder is also great for indoor use – in the kitchen while cooking, in the bathroom while soaking in a hot tub, in the walk-in closet while getting ready for work, in the bedroom while reading a book in bed, or in the sunroom while doing yoga. You can relax and enjoy your favorite music anywhere you are. In the future, limited editions in different types of wood will also be available. Because Swooder is made of natural wood, each speaker has its own personality. The color and wood grain will be slightly different with each speaker making each one a one of a kind piece.